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Biodroga products

Biodroga Products
The biological beauty systems from Biodroga Systems provide innovative solutions for skin problems. They nourish, protect and repair skin - always perfectly attuned to the skin's specific needs. Every biological beauty system is a complete skin care regimen: PURAN FORMULA for blemish-prone problem skin, OXYGEN FORMULA for oxygen-deprived skin, MOISTURIZING FORMULA for moisture-deprived skin, -ENERGIZING FORMULA to retain youthful-looking skin, REPAIR FORMULA for light-stressed skin, VITALIZING FORMULA for demanding skin and ANTI TIME FORMULA to combat the visible signs of skin aging. We have added the exclusive luxury skin care series GOLDEN CAVIAR by Biodroga and MEN SENSATION, a skin care system made specifically for men, to our range of products. Biodroga Systems is an integral part of the historic Baden-Baden spa tradition. In its exclusive SPA SENSATION and ROYAL AQUAMARINE FORMULA skin care lines for that perfect home spa experience, Biodroga Systems has the ideal care programs for body, spirit and soul. Highly effective biological ingredients form the primary basis for Biodroga Systems products. In addition, we use cutting-edge bioengineered ingredients. This unique combination forms the basis for the unmatched position Biodroga Systems holds on the European skin care market.