Body Wraps and Facials

Body Treatments

Exfoliation Treatment......$60 and up
 Scrubs and polishes are an important elimination step and prepare the body for the benefits of body wraps, massge therapy and facial skin care. To prevent skin irritation we recommend shaving the day before your exfoliation treatment.

Firming Treatment.....$45 and up
 This treatment is available for breasts, buttocks, and neck

Sweet Milk and Honey Wrap.......$70 and up
 This 50-minute total indulgence treatment is based on the Egyptian theory of pampering using milk proteins and acids with honey.  The skin is left completely hydrated and silky smooth and the feeling lasts for days.

Biodroga Anti-Cellulite Peel Off Treatment.......$85 and up
This is a 50-minute treatment that targets cellulite, leaving the skin smooth and firm.  Our clients talk about this treatment for days.

Parafango Body Wrap.......$70 and up
This wrap targets cellulite or inch loss, which ever is needed.  Using Paraffin qualities to soften the skin and Sea Mudd enriched with minerals to release toxins, our clients just love this treatment.

Chocolate Body Scrub.......$60 and up
This 45-minute treatment uses a cocoa based scrub, to exfoliate and soften the skin.  Finished with a sweet scented moisturizer.  You are sure to love this one.

Chocolate Body Wrap.....$70 and up
This 50 minute aromatherapy wrap softens and hydrates the skin. The treatment is finished with a very light chocolate lotion massge.

Dead Sea Body Treatment.......$65 and up
This 50-minute treatment uses a blend of powerful minerals in Dead Sea Mud to revitalize your skin, mind and body. "works wonders"

*Add a cellulite treatment to any body wrap for $40


Collagen masks can be added to any facial service
with prices ranging from ten to twenty five dollars.

Express Facial.......$43

This 30-minute treatment is great for any skin type.  This facial is customized for your individual skin needs.

European Cleaning Oxygen Facial.......$60

A 50-minute deep cleansing facial using Biodroga's signature Oxygen Formula for a radiant and supple complexion.  Intended for dull sallow skin, this facial is also excellent on sensitive and dry skin.

Age Protection Reviving Facial.......$65

This 50-minute facial serves to protect the skin against the damaging affects of the environment.  It is also effective in combating the first signs of aging by providing vitamins and trace elements to the skin for a strong and healthy complextion.

Teen's Purity Facial.......$58

A 50-minute facial concentrating on cleansing and clearing teenage skin.  A desincrustation blend and our Puran Formula clarify and tone the skin and is the perfect antidote for juvenile acne.

Anti-Time Lifting Facial.......$90

A 90-minute rejuvenating facial with a collegon mask for mature and damaged skin.  Using our luxurious Anti-Time Formula, this facial restores tone, elasticity, and your youth to the skin.  In short it turns back the hands of time.

Caviar Facial.......$75

This 60-minute facial uses Caviar to rejuvenate and revitalize mature skin.

Back Facial.......$65

This treatment incorporates the best of two worlds - a facial and a massage!  Gentle cleansing, exfoliation and a back and neck massage.  This helps to tone, hydrate and balance the skin as well as relax and rejuvenate the muscles.  "Heaven on Earth"

Gentlemen's Facial.......$65

A 50-minute vitalizing facial that addresses the specific needs of men.  This facial combats the effects of daily shaving by rehydrating the skin and balancing it's pH.

Men's Razor Bump Facial.......$65

This 60-minute treatment is designed to help alleviate shaving bumps, eruptions and scraping.  A customized mask will be applied and an aromatherapy facial massage will be given along with a massage of the hands.


Eye Zone Lifting Treatment.......$25

A refreshing eye treatment that conditions dry, tired, and puffy eyes.  Perfect as a stand-alone treatment or an add-on to any of our other facials.  Also great in a series to slow down the aging process.

Eyelash Application

Strip Lashes                             $25
Replication w/eyelashes          $10
Cluster Lashes                         $40-45
Middle Out                                $20
Three week fill-in                      $20-45
Individual cluster fill-in              $10 & up